Four Reasons Why Content Repurposing is Beneficial

Still not convinced that content repurposing is right for your business? Here are four reasons why you might want to change your mind.

Content Repurposing Helps You Expand Your Reach

If all you do is write blog posts and publish them on your website, how will new fans and customers find you? People may stumble across a valuable post you’ve written, but most visitors arrive at your site via another platform or even an offline recommendation.

Once you’ve set up your social media channels (picking the ones where you know your audience will be), use them to highlight your useful content and point them back to your site, where they can read other posts, learn about your company and send an enquiry or contact you for help.

You want as many people as possible to consume your content. Repurposing it means that it’s viewed and shared by far more than just your email subscribers, suppliers and existing customers. You may be surprised by how many people learn about your business if you offer multiple ways for them to do so.

 Content Repurposing Reinforces Your Message

Whether you’re selling a product or service, giving business support or selling to consumers, you want to clearly communicate your message, and share it as often as possible. The more places your content appears, the more people will know what it is you do and who for.

Reinforcing your message isn’t just helpful for your customers. It also allows you to be clear and focused on what your business priorities are, and what you don’t want to do. It’s good for employees, contractors and other partners to see your values shared across the internet (and offline) so that they can communicate them too. And it makes you more visible and lets you stay top of mind with your customers.

Makes the Most of Evergreen Content

“Evergreen” content is the blogs, articles, videos and so on which are always relevant and valuable to your audience, no matter how old it is. It could be a post that explains the process a solicitor goes through when you buy a house, or what an accountant needs for your tax Share evergreen contentreturn.

Despite this, evergreen content is often overlooked, precisely because it was published so long ago that you forget it’s there. Rather than just sharing a link to the original post, see if you can spruce it up (apologies for the pun!) with some extra details on new legislation, services you offer or ways to make things easier, such as filing tax returns online.

Create a ‘top tips’ post to highlight the most useful content, create graphics for social media, and share it on platforms that weren’t around when you first published the post. New customers will be pleased to know that you’ve had the solution to their problem all along. 

You Will Build Your Authority Through Content Repurposing

The internet is getting busier all the time. Your competitors are setting up websites, sharing videos and replying to customers on social media. For people to know, like and trust you, you need to demonstrate that you’re the expert in your field.

To show that you’re an authority, providing consistent, helpful content means you are adding to an online portfolio showcasing your knowledge. When people are searching for information on your specialist subject, the blogs, podcasts, videos and graphics you’ve created will come up first.

The more valuable information you share, the more confident your audience will be that you can provide them with the solution they’re after. A substantial archive reassures them that you’re a trustworthy source they can rely on.

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