What Content Repurposing is and How it Helps Business

Content repurposing is a way to share a piece of content (usually a blog, but not always) you’ve already published in one format in a different style or on another social platform. Businesses with an online presence know that they have to constantly provide new, engaging content to attract and retain customers, but this is time-consuming. Content repurposing makes it easier.

The methods you use to repurpose will depend on which social media platforms you use, if you have products or a service-based business and if you want to include visual elements. It’s also important to think about where your target market is – which networks do they spend time on?

How Does Content Repurposing Work?

Graphic showing how content repurposing can work for a blog

Content repurposing a blog could look like this:

  • A shorter post with the 5 key facts highlighted
  • A graphic for social media
  • An audio recording
  • A video recording
  • A slide presentation
  • An in-depth blog looking at one of the key points

Combined with other posts on a similar topic and turned into an ebook

You can do the same with a webinar, vlog or podcast. There are countless ways to turn your content into something new, and the options are flexible and can be applied to your business as appropriate. Repurposing your content enables you to reach new audiences and helps your message go further.

It’s easy to pull the audio from a video recording, transcribe it and turn it into a blog or even a series. You can use it as the basis for that an online course you’ve been putting off, and it’s a great way to maximise evergreen content (always relevant).

Content repurposing means that anything you create can continue to provide value for your business with less effort from you. It’s also something you can outsource, so that you simply need to drop the finished content into your social media calendar or automation platform. You can find out more about my content repurposing services here.


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