Well, I’ve made it to Day 10! Writing 200+ words isn’t hard for me, but even though I haven’t been rushed off my feet, posting consistently is a commitment. I’d love to know how many others have got to today as well.
This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

Favourite Freedom Challenge

Natalie’s first question today was “which day’s challenge did you enjoy the most?” I found some of them harder than others, but my favourite was probably day two – “Find My Why”. Realising that I absolutely love what I do and can see clearly how it can make a difference to people was significant. Put into context with some of the other tasks, particularly my focus and superpowers, I can see that something I’ve always been able to do with very little effort (although 20 years of practice and reading several thousand books!) is also a skill that can help others and enable me to have a freedom lifestyle. Immersing myself in words and exploring them is a positive.

Key Freedom Takeaway

I was interested to realise that I know exactly what I want to do, who for and how: I want to write for high-impact entrepreneurs, spend extended periods in foreign countries (minimum 5 weeks) and work as I travel. And I know who I don’t want to work with and what I don’t want to do. In previous jobs and my earlier self-employed incarnation, I’d do things that I really didn’t enjoy or feel confident at because I thought I should. This is the first time I’ve not felt like an employee. The blog challenge has enabled me to clearly express that.

Next Steps to Freedom

There are two clear steps I need to take next in order to start my freedom lifestyle in March 2017. I need to find a tribe, people who want the same things, can encourage and motivate me and give me honest feedback. And I need to streamline my offering and secure a couple more retainer clients so I know I have set tasks to complete for them every month. Excited to get started!

Where I'll be starting my freedom in March!

Where I’ll be starting my freedom in March!

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