Choosing Your Adventure (10 Day Blog Challenge)

When I watched today’s video, I thought: “Oh no, Natalie wants to me to have an adventure and I’ve got errands to run and the day will be boring!” But I got things done quicker than I thought, and we’ve had unexpectedly good weather last week’s storm and flooding, so it’s turning out to be quite a good day after all.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8

A Mini Adventure

So what did I do?strawberry Well, my husband and I walked into the city, which is about 25 minutromanes away, and along the Quayside. We had lunch in a little cafe and enjoyed the sunshine. A local hospice is fundraising with painted snowdogs, so there’s a little trail to find them all. I broke my “no photo” rule for today’s challenge, so here’s me with a strawberry dog and a Roman Legionary!


We also found a church we’d never seen before, above the Quayside. We had a stroll round the indoor market and had a gin-tasting session (well, one!) in a little shop which sells imported delicacies and drinks. I was inspired enough by all the lovely things they have that I offered to make tapas this evening! It’s still nice outside so we may get to use the picnic table in the yard. We’ll quaff Spanish wine and pretend we’re on holiday! We also got some gin, so the ice is freezing as I type…

What I learned from my Adventure

We’re both focused on building our freedom at the minute, and often work through the weekend to cram everything in. I love cchurchooking and making it special for everyone, so calling it an adventure makes it even nicer. It was also good to enjoy the weather, as we feel more positive when we’re in the sun. We talk constantly about what we’ll do and where we’ll go next year, and on days like this, we feel like we’re actually getting closer to making a location independent lifestyle a reality.



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