Beat Procrastination and Overwhelm (10 Day Blog Challenge)

Today’s video about procrastination and overwhelm really resonated with me. I’ve done a LOT of reading over the last year to learn more about copywriting as a business, content marketing, social media, technology and location independence. I’ve definitely suffered from overwhelm more than once from trying to cram in information.

I’m also guilty of procrastination, which I’ve touched on in earlier posts for this challenge. It’s definitely uncertainty about whether I can make a real go of a freedom lifestyle, but I can waste time when I should be actively working to advance my business. I’m not too much of a perfectionist though – I wanted to get my website online as soon as possible and I’m still improving things as I go.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

Beat Procrastination with an Imperfect Action

I think what I need to do is interact more, either virtually or in person, to increase my regular client base. I’ve got lots of interesting, varied work at the moment, and it’s coming in a steady flow, but to be able to pack up and go overseas,  I need some more retainer clients on top of those I have now.

To achieve this, I need to procrastinate less for sure, but I’m not sure what a daily action could be? Use social media more to find clients? I know I need to use Twitter in a more interactive way, and am trying to commit to doing this every day. I could also make an effort to attend networking events, but I think my target market (high-impact entrepreneurs and thought leaders) aren’t in my local area.

The other option is to consider creating a product that would be helpful to my potential clients, or working on building a list and a sales funnel. I think the product is the way to go. A somewhat flimsy response to today’s question, but I will commit to designing something and putting it out there as soon as I can, and not worry about polishing it to perfection.

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