Creating a Vision for the Future – a Perfect Day (10 Day Blog Challenge)

Day three of the blog challenge is about imagining your perfect day and how this would look in the future you’re planning for now. I’ve thought about this before, so I have a fairly good idea of what it would be like. Natalie has said before that you can have more than one perfect day, depending on the scenario, but the one that I’ve already loosely mapped out and will try to expand on here is one that would happen when I’m away from home, in a new country which I’m exploring. I’d be working too, but this would be streamlined and not be my main focus.

My Perfect Day

I get up around 8 and have a run or do some kind of cardio workout. I like to exercise first
thing so I feel like I’ve made a positive start to my day, and I feel energised. I have breakfast with my husband, ideally outside, and sip orange juice while we planned the day. We travel quite a lot, but we both have freedom businesses so our work comes with us.

A view like this is nice! This is in VIC, Australia.

A view like this is nice! This is in VIC, Australia.

Wifi permitting, I check my emails and do some writing. I try to batch my client work up, and as they’re all on retainers for similar services, I don’t need to spend too long on this. I make some notes for blog posts I’m going to be writing for clients (my blog posts are written three months in advance, so I don’t need to worry about my own content) and bookmark some articles for reference to come back to later.

After we’ve both caught up on work, we go out and explore. We like to have a good walk to get a feel for the place we’re in, so I usually buy guidebooks with walking routes. Mark has to read the map, though, because I always get hopelessly lost! We either stop at a cafe or restaurant for lunch, or grab some local snacks and sit somewhere we can watch people going by.

We try to have a 50/50 split between cooking in the apartment and eating out, so on some days we’ll visit the market, and others we scout out a place that looks good for dinner.

This is the kind of town I like to explore! Ghent, Belgium.

This is the kind of town I like to explore! Ghent, Belgium.

We both do some writing in the afternoon and check in with family and friends. We then make dinner together or head back out for an early evening meal.

We go for a little stroll to let dinner settle, and then start the evening activities. We like to have a drink in a bar or tavern where we can meet the locals, but we also like to find some kind of outdoor concert or similar where we can soak up the atmosphere. We love meeting like-minded people to chat to, hear about their adventures and learn something new.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3


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